Kay Yourist — Gallery of Past Work

knife with ceramic handle
Knife w/ Ceramic Handle
Lidded Vessel
Lidded Vessel

Lidded Cannister
Lidded Cannister

Lidded Cannister
Black Lidded Cannister

Oil Bottle
Oil Bottle
Lidded Cannister

tall orange bottle
1- Orange Bottle
ribbed wavy vase
2- Ribbed Vase

turquoise body pot front
3- Torso (front) - Turquoise
turquoise body pot back
4- Torso (back)

speckled bottle
5- Speckled Bottle
pippen pitcher
6- Pitcher

dark ribbed  tea cup
7- Ribbed Cup
nutmeg bottle
8- Tall Bottle

black bottle
9- Vase
orange round bottle
10- Orange Bottle

iron ribbed cylinder
11- Ribbed Cylinder
black wavy pitcher
12- Pitcher

multicolored flare vase
13- Flared Vase
iron ribbed cup
14- Ribbed Cup - Iron Red
nutmeg ribbed cup
15- Ribbed Cup - Nutmeg
ribbed bottle
16- Ribbed Bottle

ribbed cylinder with lid
17- Ribbed Cylinder with Lid
black pitcher
18- Pitcher - Licorice Black

pippen pitcher set
19- Pitcher and Cup Set
nutmeg vase
20- Vase - Nutmeg

Scalloped Teapot
21- Scalloped Teapot - Purple
Tall Scalloped Vase
22- Scalloped Vase - Turquoise

Duotone Pot
23- Duotone Pot
Red Iron with Pippen Green
Spiral Mug
24- Spiral Mug - Pippen Green

Wavy Bowl - Licorice Black
25- Wavy Bowl - Licorice Black
Teapot - Nutmeg
26- Teapot - Nutmeg

Spiral Mug - Nutmeg
27- Spiral Mug - Nutmeg
Wavy Pot - Pippen Green
28- Wavy Pot - Pippen Green

Scalloped Bowl - Turquoise
29- Scalloped Bowl - Turquoise
Spiral Mug - Red Iron
30- Spiral Mug - Red Iron

Bowl Set - Pippen Green
31- Bowl Set - Pippen Green
Wavy Vase - Licorice
32- Wavy Vase - Licorice

Kay's Art Gallery

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call 734.662.4914, or come to Yourist Studio Gallery.

Commissions are welcome.

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