Kay Yourist's Grant Work

In 2002, I received a Creative Artist Grant from the Michigan and Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs. With this grant I created 21 final vessels varying in size from a small 3” vessel that can be hand held to a 20” vessel that must be reached around. Each piece is accessible to the viewer through sight and/or touch, facilitating a multi sensory approach to experiencing the work.

Each piece initially took shape as a classic form - bowl, urn, vase, etc. These wheel thrown forms were then reinterpreted by stretching and pushing the damp walls of the clay as much as the piece could sustain while still remaining true to its classic influence.

The final surface detail and texture varies with each vessel and was based upon the characteristics of each final form. Carving as well as glazing was utilized to bring the pieces to completion. The finished vessels manifest as an integration of ancient form with a contemporary interpretation.

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Kay's Art Gallery

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All of the functional work can be glazed in most of the colors shown.

Commissions are welcome.

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